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bad breath

Bad breath

Bad breath is a very common problem and there are many different causes. Most often, bad breath results from poor dental health habits or it may be a sign of oral health problems ...more

dental technology

New Dental Technology

What are the most important new technologies that can be found in a dental office today ? Read this complete guide to the most modern devices and procedures used in present-day dentistry ...more

zirconia implants

Zirconia implants

Generally, dental implants have two parts: the fixture (which is screwed into the bone) and the abutment (to which the prosthetic crown is cemented). Originally, both parts were made of titanium ...more

dental braces

How to sustainin fresh breath with braces

When you wear braces, it is not enough to brush your teeth religiously as you may still suffer from bad breath. These 7 tips will help you while wearing braces and will continue benefiting you after your braces come off ...more

removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures

Although dental implants are today state-of-the-art tooth replacement systems, not all patients can afford dental implants. Moreover, in some clinical situations, dental implants or fixed bridges cannot be placed. Today’s removable partial dentures are designed to last for years and are constructed to be very thin and unobtrusive ...more

crowded teeth

What are the treatment options for crowded teeth ?

Teeth overcrowding is one of the most common reasons that adults and teenagers seek orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatments have greatly improved over the last years with a wave of new products and technologies. Find out which treatment option is right for you ...more

dry mouth

Dry mouth

The mouth needs saliva to be able to work properly. Saliva keeps our mouth moist, and it helps digest food. Dry mouth is a condition which affects the flow of saliva, causing your mouth to feel dry and uncomfortable ...more


Dental inlay, dental onlay vs filling

When a tooth is too damaged to support a traditional filling but not damaged enough for a dental crown, you end up somewhere in the middle ...more

gum recession

Gum recession

Receding gums can be scary and uncomfortable. However, a lot can be done to prevent and treat this condition. Find out the factors that can cause your gums to recede and the steps you should take to repair the gum and prevent further damage ...more

dental erosion

Dental erosion

Dental erosion or acid erosion is a type of tooth wear. More precisely, erosion is the loss of tooth enamel caused by acid attack ...more

cracked tooth

Cracked tooth

A cracked tooth is a tooth that has become broken. A tooth can crack in several different ways; the signs and symptoms as well as the treatment options depend on where the crack is and how deep and large it is. ...more