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rubber dam

Rubber dam

A rubber dam is a thin, rectangular sheet, usually latex rubber, used in dentistry to isolate the operative site (one or more teeth) from the rest of the mouth ...more

fear of dentist

How can I cope with me fear of the dentist ?

Many of us still feel a little nervous at the thought of going to the dentist. But there are many things we can do to deal with this fear ...more

tooth abscess

Tooth abscess

Everything you need to know about a tooth abscess. What can you do in case of an abscessed tooth ? ...more

removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures

Although dental implants are today state-of-the-art tooth replacement systems, not all patients can afford dental implants. Moreover, in some clinical situations, dental implants or fixed bridges cannot be placed. Today’s removable partial dentures are designed to last for years and are constructed to be very thin and unobtrusive ...more



Fluoride can help dental health by strengthening the tooth enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay. It also reverses early decay and reduces the amount of acid that the bacteria on your teeth produce ...more

dental braces

7 Tips For Living With Braces

If you currently have braces or will be getting them soon, keeping these seven tips in mind will ensure your treatment program will be a success ...more


Smoking and oral health

Most people now know that smoking is bad for their health. However, they should also realise the damage that smoking does to their mouth, gums and teeth ....more

retainers after braces

Retainers After Braces: Why Is It Important?

Majority of people make the mistake of undermining the importance of wearing retainers after braces. This may nullify all the efforts, time and money spent for the Orthodontic treatment ...more

dental technology

New Dental Technology

What are the most important new technologies that can be found in a dental office today ? Read this complete guide to the most modern devices and procedures used in present-day dentistry ...more

laser dentistry

Laser dentistry

Over time, understanding of lasers has grown, eventually making them accurate and safe enough for certain dental procedures ...more

porcelain veneers

Composite vs porcelain veneers

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, dental veneers might be your best solution. There are two types of veneers: porcelain and composite. What are the differences between the two and how do you know which one is right for you ? ...more