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whiter teeth

Secrets to whiter teeth

Do you want whiter and brighter teeth ? Use these secrets to restore the bright of your smile and to whiter your teeth ...more

dental implant vs bridge

Dental implants or crowns and bridges ?

To replace lost teeth, you can either get a dental bridge or you can rely on dental implants. If you have a badly damaged tooth, you can either restore it with a dental crown or you can extract the tooth and place an implant. Which is right for you ? Find out the benefits and disadvantages of each option. ...more

orthodontic treatment options

Do you want to enhance your smile?

If yes, then it is entirely possible, but the prospect of having a mouth full of metal can seem daunting. The good news is that there are less visible, less invasive and more aesthetic forms of orthodontic treatment available now ...more

dry mouth

Dry mouth

The mouth needs saliva to be able to work properly. Saliva keeps our mouth moist, and it helps digest food. Dry mouth is a condition which affects the flow of saliva, causing your mouth to feel dry and uncomfortable ...more

cerec systems

CEREC technology

CEREC technology allows dentists to construct, produce, and insert individual ceramic restorations directly at the point of treatment in a single appointment ...more

cracked tooth

Cracked tooth

A cracked tooth is a tooth that has become broken. A tooth can crack in several different ways; the signs and symptoms as well as the treatment options depend on where the crack is and how deep and large it is. ...more

zirconia implants

Zirconia implants

Generally, dental implants have two parts: the fixture (which is screwed into the bone) and the abutment (to which the prosthetic crown is cemented). Originally, both parts were made of titanium ...more

bad breath

Bad breath

Bad breath is a very common problem and there are many different causes. Most often, bad breath results from poor dental health habits or it may be a sign of oral health problems ...more

dental braces

7 Tips For Living With Braces

If you currently have braces or will be getting them soon, keeping these seven tips in mind will ensure your treatment program will be a success ...more

laser dentistry

Laser dentistry

Over time, understanding of lasers has grown, eventually making them accurate and safe enough for certain dental procedures ...more

porcelain veneers

Composite vs porcelain veneers

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, dental veneers might be your best solution. There are two types of veneers: porcelain and composite. What are the differences between the two and how do you know which one is right for you ? ...more