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In the past, when implants were not available, these decisions were easier to make. Nowadays, dental implants offer a highly efficient and reliable option; however, you may want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages to both procedures before making your final decision

Dental implants vs dental bridges

Last Updated: 10.01.2024

Author: George Ghidrai, MD  

Most often, dental implants offer the best clinical solution for replacing missing teeth.

In this article, we will compare traditional dental bridges supported by natural teeth to dental implant restorations. You will discover the pros and cons of each type of reconstruction and the most important factors to consider when deciding between implants and dental bridges.

You can either get a dental bridge or rely on dental implants to replace lost teeth.

bridge vs implant

Moreover, if you have a badly damaged tooth, you can either restore it with a dental crown or extract it and place an implant.

In the past, when implants were not available, these decisions were easier to make. Nowadays, dental implants offer a highly efficient and reliable option; however, you should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both procedures with your dentist before making your final decision.

a. Replacing lost teeth

Most dentists agree that implants are preferable to fixed bridges in case of missing teeth, assuming the patient has adequate financial ability and time for the entire treatment.

However, there are times when the advantages of a fixed bridge may suggest that a fixed bridge would be preferable to using implants.

First, let's review some general considerations about both procedures:

Deciding between implants and bridges

It would be best if you always made the decision after consulting with your dentist. They will inform you about the different solutions, advantages, and disadvantages of each, the difference in costs, and any risks and potential complications.

That being said, here are the most important factors to consider:


Most of the time, dental implants are superior to bridges for replacing missing teeth. However, the final solution depends on the patient's budget, goals, lifestyle choices, and time restraints.

When might dental bridges be considered the preferred solution?

These situations will be evaluated case-by-case; you should always decide after consulting your dentist.

b. Restoring a damaged tooth

When a large part of a tooth's original crown structure has been lost, you can either restore the tooth with a dental crown (left image) or extract the tooth and place an implant. The implant will then support the dental crown (right image).

dental crown
implant-supported crown

The decision should be based on:

It is a good idea to save the tooth whenever the procedure is possible.

However, when the tooth crown is severely damaged, mainly when the tooth is fractured below the gumline, removing the tooth and placing a dental implant is the only solution.

tooth that can be restored with a post and core

a case when the tooth can be restored with a post and a dental crown

tooth with advance coronal destructions

tooth with advanced coronal destructions; extraction and placement of dental implant indicated

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