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The treatment plan

author icon By Dr. George Ghidrai

Planning for a fixed dental prosthesis such as a crown or a bridge is not an easy process since an ideal option is not always available.

The treatment plan is devised by the physician after conducting a thorough medical examination and performing the required imaging tests. Obviously, for complex clinical situations a more elaborate treatment plan will have to be devised.

Unfortunately, in many cases, besides the inherent difficulties of a complicated clinical situation, other factors will have to be considered : the financial situation of the patient, the limited time available, exaggerated claims from some of the patients or the lack of patience from some of the doctors.

dental examination

Collaboration between doctor and patient is crucial at this stage. The patient must understand that the dentist has more medical knowledge than him. On the other hand the physician must realize that a viable treatment plan cannot be devised without the patient participation.

Dental crowns

When planning for dental crowns, the treatment plan is somewhat simplified since crowns are small prosthetic restorations that basically restore a single tooth.

Normally, the most important steps in these cases are selecting the manufacturing material (the type of crown) and the necessary preliminary procedures.

Dental bridges

When dental bridges are concerned, devising the treatment plan is one of the most important clinical stages. At this point, the dental bridge is designed, a process that requires total attention.

After the bridge design, the material is also selected and all preliminary interventions are precisely planned.

Once the treatment plan is devised, the patient is informed about all the important details and the necessary appointments are scheduled.

Last review and update: November 2020

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